Air Duct Cleaning – How Often

Air duct cleaning is one of those tasks that are easy to forget about. In fact many house owners can’t even recall the last time they cleaned the air ducts. Although, the task is rarely remembered, it has a number of benefits. For example, it greatly cuts down the cost of electricity. It also ensures that your air system has a long lifespan.

Methods of cleaning air ducts

There are two methods of cleaning Air duct cleaning Milwaukee air ducts. One method is where a system is fixed inside the ducting to offer suction. To remove dust particles from the inside of the duct a high-pressure air hose is inserted in the ducting.

The other method makes use of a huge specialized vacuum that is connected to a hosepipe and a brushing system. The vacuum is then run through the ducting system.

Both methods are very effective when they are handled by well a trained person.

Proper cleaning

Proper cleaning must involve the following: cleaning of all registers within the ducting, and cleaning of the inside of the ventilating and heating systems.

The heating system should be cleaned and if you have a heating pump or an air conditioner, the coils in the system should also be cleaned properly. To get rid of any bacteria, mold, and dust bugs, you should use a purifier.

Thorough cleaning of a house must take around 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of the home. Although, this is the average time it takes to clean the heating system, it might take longer if your house has more than one cooling and heating system, or if the system is placed on the rooftop.

Hiring a cleaning company

If you don’t have time to clean the ducts on your own, you should hire a company to do for you. You should note that nearly all companies charge hour rates where most of the companies charge around $80 and $120 per hour.

If you find a company charging lower rates, you should ensure that proper cleaning is done. This meant that registers, coils and fans and the inside of the ductwork should be well cleaned.

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