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In 2014, industry represented just under five percent of active enterprises in the region, and 10.2 percent of salaried workers. Commerce and services account for 84 percent of the business establishments in the region, and have 83.3 percent of the salaried employees. The River Seine flows through the middle of the region, which is crisscrossed by its tributaries and sub-tributaries, including the Rivers Marne, Oise and Epte. The River Eure does not cross the region but receives water from several rivers in the Île-de-France, including the Drouette and the Vesgre. The major rivers are navigable, and, because of the modest variations of altitude in the region , they have a tendency to meander and curve.

The livestock industry has also prompted the making of cheese, mostly done on ranches and in small cooperatives, with the best known from Ocosingo, Rayón and Pijijiapan. Meat and cheese dishes are frequently accompanied by vegetables, such as squash, chayote, and carrots.

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Vegetables are grown in the central valley, seafood is abundant on the coast and the area bordering Veracruz grows tropical fruits. The ranch culture has also prompted cheese production and the north produces the widest varieties of cheese in Mexico. These include queso fresco (fresh farmer’s cheese), ranchero , cuajada , requesón , Chihuahua’s creamy semi-soft queso menonita, and fifty-six varieties of asadero . Along the US-Mexican border, specifically dense areas like Tijuana, Mexican vendors sell food such as fruit melanged with Tajin spice to people crossing the border via carts.

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The main meal of the day in Mexico is the “comida”, meaning ‘meal’ in Spanish. It sometimes begins with soup, often chicken broth with pasta or a “dry soup”, which is pasta or rice flavored with onions, garlic or vegetables. The main course is meat served in a cooked sauce with salsa on the side, accompanied with beans and tortillas and often with a fruit drink in some areas. The last meal of the day is cena, dinner, which varies greatly by region, and is usually eaten between 6PM and 9PM. Another popular street food, especially in Mexico City and the surrounding area is the torta.

Many of the Desserts in Mexico have origins from Spain, but some are also traditional sweets originating within the country. Mexican Food comes from one of the oldest cuisines in the world, dating back more than 9000 years at the time of domesticating maize, which is a staple food in Mexican cuisine. Tostada literally means toasted in Spanish, and it’s a common dish in Mexico as well as other Latin American countries. In the evenings, treat yourself to a restaurant cooked meal to enjoy a true Mexican dining experience. If you’re visiting the country soon and you have no idea which dishes to try, the above list should come in handy. Although its nickname is the ‘impossible cake’, this dessert is easy to make if you have the right tools and ingredients. Enchiladas Verdes is a favorite Mexican dish you can find in its country of origin and beyond.

The cooking is part of the social custom meant to bind families and communities. Common vegetables include zucchini, cauliflower, corn, potatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, mushrooms, jitomate , and green tomato. Other traditional vegetable ingredients include chili pepper, huitlacoche , huauzontle, and nopal .

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