Buying Refurbished Servers Benefits the Environment

With companies needing to keep track of more and more data each data each day, many are finding that their current data center arrangement is not scalable. It is no longer cost-effective for companies to keep acquiring new or refurbished servers and maintain them on-site. Instead, many enterprise-level house refurbishment london organizations are looking to complete a data center migration so that licensing, energy, and monitoring costs are all reduced. The data center migration process will take between three and six months, and customers will often need to spend time tracking down end-of-life refurbished servers or servers from other manufacturers to create a mirrored environment. Before a company decides to go through with this lengthy process, it should understand what exactly this process entails and why it is necessary. The benefits listed below will show why a data center migration is worth the time and money that businesses invest in this process.

Guarantee Business Continuity

When poor information technology (IT) support causes components to go down frequently, business continuity suffers. Companies are able to improve business continuity, minimizing system downtime and system recovery time, by virtualizing servers in multiple locations. A virtualized network ensures that the business can still be productive amid natural disasters, connectivity issues, and in other scenarios that would threaten the productivity of a network contained in a single location.

Remove Space Constraints

There is only so much floor space on-site that a company can use to house its refurbished servers and other critical machines. Server and data center virtualization allows IT machines to be stored off-site, freeing up space on-site for other uses. A company might even be able to move to a smaller building if it does not have to spend money housing all of its IT components at a central location. Virtualization can also be used to free up space in existing refurbished servers, allowing companies to consolidate their machines and open up even more floor space.

Lower Energy Bills

The acquisition cost is only part of the cost of ownership associated with machines used in IT configurations. Another tremendous drain on financial resources is the cost to maintain these machines, with companies spending substantial sums to heat and cool each machine on a daily basis. By consolidating multiple workloads onto a virtual server, companies eliminate much of the energy costs associated with keeping on-site machines in top working order. Those energy costs are instead paid by the facility that houses the company’s data center post-migration.

These are just three of the many benefits associated with completing a data center migration. Companies that choose to complete a migration will need to create a mirrored environment in order to keep the IT infrastructure operational during the move. For instance, by renting refurbished servers and setting them up to run the same programs that current HP servers run, the company can ship existing servers to a new location while still having access to vital programs and data. Before beginning a data center migration, companies should reach out to a vendor who sells or rents refurbished servers so that the company knows it has access to the servers it needs to make this transition. After successfully completing a data center migration with these refurbished servers, the company will be ready to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.


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