Cooking with the Basic Wok Equipment

Woks developed over the centuries because of fuel shortages. They are often used in stir-frying, which is able to withstand extreme temperatures when cooking. Making sure you have the right tools for your wok won’t just bring the best culinary experience but it will make cooking more enjoyable. Here’s a list of items that are compatible with cooking with your best cookware for gas stove.

  1. Wok Lid/Cover: A wok cover or lid is available with dome tops or flat tops.Some may even come with deep or shallow versions. Lids need to be able to fit around the edges in the wok. In addition, they must be tall enough to fully cover the chicken beneath.
  2. Spatula: A spatula is mostly used in stir-frying as a way of stirring, throwing and for shifting food within the wok.It’s a long-handled utensil with a flared, broad and slightly curled metal blade. The wok spatula is specially designed to keep the wok from scratching. A wooden spoon could be an alternative. This is not damaging those nonstick areas.
  3. Steaming Basket – It is a basket with a circular shape that is used to store food in boiling water.The steam allows food to be cooked. There are two types of steaming baskets: the bamboo baskets as well as the metal ones. Bamboo baskets are woven tightly bamboo strips made of wood. They are superior to metal as it absorbs water, allowing steam to circulate within. Metal baskets can alter the flavor of food because of the drippy water. It is possible to avoid this by covering the steamer with a towel. Steaming baskets come in a variety of sizes and can be stacked.
  4. Wok Ring Wok Ring can be used to help support it’s weight on the round bottom wok in the stove.There are two kinds of wok rings. are open and closed sided ones, as well as the venting holes around the rings. Rings with open sides are ideal for stoves with gas, while closed-sided rings are suitable for electric stoves.
  5. Wok Skimmer Wok Skimmer is a strainer of wire with a bamboo handle (also has handles made of metal).It’s used to scoop out noodles, wantons, dumplings, and deep-fried food items out of boiling. In addition it’s ideal to serve mussels, clams and other vegetables. The wire mesh facilitates an “dripping-off” of fat from your food.
  6. Wok Ladle Ladles are the most frequently used utensil for the majority of Chinese chefs.It is utilized to add liquid stock, as well as other seasonings during cooking. It is also employed in scooping ingredients, rather than making use of a measuring instrument.
  7. Bamboo Brush or Cleaning WhiskA bamboo brush is specifically designed to clean woks.Other options for cleaning include plastic scrubbers or nylon.
  8. Wok Rack Wok Rack is a semi-circular rack that is used to hang the other side of woks.It can also be used to drain oil or water while making various dishes. It is also able to keep food warm.
  9. Wire Steamer Rack – Wire steamer racks fit in woks, for steaming purposes.Examples are smoking and braising.
  10. Tongs – Tongs are utilized in the removal and movement of hot food items from woks.They come in a variety of designs, materials, and lengths.
  11. Deep-fry Thermometer : A deep-fry thermometer is utilized in deep-frying.Its function is to ensure the proper temperature when cooking. So it is important that the bulb on the thermometer must be kept away from the lower of the wok in order to get the most precise reading.
  12. Chopsticks – Two-thin sticks can be used for cooking or mixing ingredients in the wok.

Other options include the gas stove portable pottery pot, perforated ladle skillet for paella, wok cart etc.

Woks are regarded as one of the most multi-faced cookware items. It is also one of the indispensable accessories that will aid in cooking with ease. These utensils made to order are for wok cooking


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