How I find the “Sweet Spot” 4 Parts Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener

The entire process of sharpening the saw can be completed in less than half an hour. A pruning saw looks like the conventional saw you see every day, but they are designed for use in gardening. A pruning saw comes with a medium length straight or curved blade which is joined to a secure handle. The handle can be straight, but some designs are curved to simplify cutting of curved thick branches. Wipe off your hand pruners with a cloth dampened with a little lubricating oil before putting them away.

How to sharpen electric garden shears

Using a fine grit helps refine and polish the edge, thereby getting rid of any excess steel. ODs are another story, smalls under 3/8 are usually difficult. Having a small number, or a variety of manufacturers can make the OD clearance more difficult. I think for OD sharpening your own cutters it’s good to have a half dozen of each size to justify set-up time. An air spindle is a huge asset to OD grinding smalls. Having an index with a 4jaw/collet holder, or 3 jaw chuck one can facet grind drills to quickly bring a drill back to near perfect in a minute or so. You back off the heel by hand to make the sharpening even quicker.

It’s at the top of the bevel which is good because as we remove steel sharpening this knife the bevel goes lower down the knife. The scrubbing stroke removed the black ink on the tip below the knife edge, in this current clamping position. This will move the knife edge into the position where the diamond stone’s scratch pattern can remove the ink. Open and close your scissors several times to see if they move smoothly. As you make your cuts, take note of how the scissors feel in your hands. Make sure the movement is smooth and that they don’t jerk or stutter open and closed.

CBN will definitely have to work harder on the carbide than diamond, but there will be no loss when cutting the steel. Generally on a surface grinder, not the Cincy #2 T & C. Sometimes just a Hardinge indexer on the #2, if it is already set up.

Quick dry

Read more about Jawsharpeners here.

If the blade is rusty, use coarse steel wool to remove the rust. Apply WD-40, leave on for 10 minutes, then remove the oil with a cloth. Put the blade into your knife sharpener at the point where the knife blade meets the handle.

You should clean and sharpen all your garden tools at least once a year, at the end or beginning of the gardening season. Pruners that see extra-hard use will probably need it more often. The more you do it, the easier the job becomes and the less time it will take.

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