How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost? 2023

How often your gutters need to be replaced will vary based on several factors, including their material and the weather in your part of Everett. As Everett tends to see a lot of rain, you may need to replace yours more often than someone in a drier climate. Typically, a well-maintained gutter system lasts about 20 years, although certain materials like copper can last 50 years or more. Even if you don’t always notice them, gutters are an important part of your home. Your gutter system helps mitigate the risk of water damage to your house. Gutters also protect your fascia, eaves and soffits , as well as your landscaping, foundation and basement.

Pros of Aluminum Gutters

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Hold another elbow against the house and cut a piece of downspout to fit between the two elbows. This joint can also be made more waterproof with the addition of a high-quality siliconized caulk. Wrap the aluminum strip tight around the underside of the gutter. Cover the joint between two lengths of gutter at each corner with a strip miter — a 3-inch-wide strip of aluminum. To do this, hold the end cap in place temporarily with a single sheet-metal screw, then drill a 1/8-inch-diameter hole and install one pop rivet .

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They collect rainwater as it flows off your roof and direct it away from your home, preventing erosion. Well-functioning, clog-free gutters can also prevent water damage to your siding, roof, and yard. Aluminum and vinyl are the most common gutter materials for several reasons, including price, ease of use, and product availability. Aluminum gutters are rust-resistant and can be painted in a range of colors to match the aesthetic of the home.


Measure the length of each section of the roof that will have gutters attached to determine the total length of your gutters. Note how many end caps are right ends and how many are left ends. Count the corner pieces and the number of elbow pieces required for your downspouts. Deane’s primary career goal involves sharing home-related knowledge and providing self-sufficiency tools to as large an audience as possible. Information provided on Forbes Home is for educational purposes only.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Gutters? [2023 Data]

You can choose from several gutter materials, but aluminum is the most popular option for modern homes. Vinyl is the cheapest material, and copper is among the most expensive. Gutter contractors base material costs on the total linear footage of gutter sections needed for your home. Gutter installers can provide services outside of just the basics. The best gutter installers will check a home’s soffits, fascia and siding for damage and repair any malfunctions. Gutter installers can also install gutter guards to prevent debris from seeping in and causing clogs. The cost of professional gutter installation varies geographically but averages $10 per linear foot.

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