How to Clean a Wig Correctly

Properly Cleaning Your Gowns It’s not so difficult as you may think.

Your new wig was expensive, so let’s ensure it lasts. Your wig should be maintained as a beautiful piece of art for long-term enjoyment. If you have cancer or are under treatment for other reasons, maintaining a hair wig may not be something you wish to do. However, many women find that maintaining a routine and glamour in their appearance can make a significant difference in their recovery from depression. Any step you can take to support the healing process during this difficult time is a positive one glueless lace wigs.

Nine years of being a nurse at a hospital for women suffering from hair loss and a variety of other health issues, I have witnessed miraculous things happen. When a woman puts on a wig, takes a good look in the mirror, suddenly feels beautiful, and her’mojo’ is restored. It gives her strength and determination to conquer her condition. Do not forget that human hair extensions, alternative hair, or created hair are all non-breathing. The hair has no natural oils, so it requires regular hydration.

Let’s now talk about Synthetic-Hair Wigs.

Synthetic hair is made out of kanekalon. A nylon hair. It requires different products than human hair. Synthetic hair can come in silky styles or crimped ones and is extremely affordable. The silky Kanekalon is straight and fine. Others have a built in body.

There are many varieties of synthetic hair. Each type has a different price. Monofilament, monofiber (or “mono”) is the highest-quality synthetic hair. It feels and looks almost like human hair.

Cleaning synthetic hair serves the purpose of removing any oil buildup that has occurred over time. The hair can become dull and tangled if there are a lot of styling products. Clients who wear synthetic hairpieces regularly should wash them at least once every ten or twelve times. If clients are using many styling products it’s best to wash the hair at least once every five to seven wears. It is important to remember that synthetic hair will last less time if it’s washed. Because nylon loses its elasticity and sheen when washed, so use only a small amount of product. Apply enough product to achieve the look that you are after, and then wash it only when you’re finished.

When brushing:

The best way to prevent knots and tangles in synthetic hair is to brush it. It is not recommended to use regular hair brushes on synthetic hair. This will cause the ends of synthetic hair to split and become frizzy. At any beauty supply center, you can buy a special synthetic comb or brush. Rubber tips on the bristles of a brush can be used for both synthetic and natural hair. This will prevent the hair fibers separating.

Brush your hair to remove any tangles before you wash. Sprays can be used to help separate the strands and smooth out knots.

Place the piece on a top wig. They are available in Styrofoam as well as canvas. You can choose to use one or both. You can keep the hair in its place by placing T-Pins around the temples, forehead, nape and along the nape. This will help prevent inversion (when the hair reaches the inside or outside of the wig).

Some people use laundry detergent as a basic product for synthetic hair. Then they add a good quality wig conditioner. You can find specialty wig shops or beauty supply shops that sell synthetic wigs online.

Proper styling products are important for synthetic hair. There are many products available at beauty supply stores. These include hairsprays as well as shine spray, mousse, shaping cream and shine spray.

Use leave-in conditioner to spray on your synthetic hair. Then, rub in gently with your fingers. Now, it’s time wash your “Little Lady.”

This process takes less than 5 minutes. Use cool water in a pot or bucket. You should not use hot water. Hot water can cause hair to curl or become wavy. Hot water can also tend to remove the color.

Use about two tablespoons of synthetic wig wash in the warm water. Dip the wig-head gently in the soapy solution and allow it to sit there for approximately three minutes. You should not twist the wig’s head as it can cause hair to tangle.

Removing the wighead from the soapy liquid, rinse it under cold, running water. Rinse the hair until it is clean. You can rinse the wig with 2 cups of conditioner.

Place the pins on the wig heads carefully. Don’t ever brush a synthetic hair wig if it is wet. This can lead hair to become brittle and stretchy. To dry the hair, lay it flat on a towel. Keep the water out of the wig. You should not twist or wring your hair. A Frictionless Towel is a great product. This is similar to a Swiss chamois and will remove three times the water from your wig when you blot it. After drying the wig, place it on a wigstand or dry it.

Wig caps can be used to prevent oil buildup from synthetic wigs. Wig caps cost less than $10 and can be purchased from beauty supply shops. Be sure to not make the cap too tight. You’ll be wearing two pieces if elastic. One in the wigbase and one in cap.

Use heat styling tools like blow dryers, curling and straightening irons only on synthetic hair. Even at their coolest settings, heat can melt synthetic hair. I do not recommend using a hair dryer to dry synthetic hair unless you have cold air. Don’t touch the heat in the cooking area. The end result of reaching for your delicious lasagna or salmon recipe will be a disaster.

For Human Hair Wigs, Order Now

The washing instructions for this type of hair are the same as those above, but you will need to apply a few additional products. This should not take longer that 5-6 minutes.

Human hair is slightly more delicate and requires more sensitive products. Baby shampoo is often thought to be the most delicate. But, baby shampoo will dry hair out. Just like with synthetic hair you should only wash your wig when absolutely necessary. It is time to wash your wig when it becomes a bit dirty, greasy, or messy. Ladies, we know when it is.

I recommend purchasing a good shampoo for wigs. Regular shampoo may contain excessive alcohol, which can slowly cause the wigs to be damaged if it’s used continually. You should add the protein back to your hair after washing it. This is why a wig protein spray will help keep your hair strands strong and healthy. It is important to use a good color retention spray to prevent your color from getting washed away.

You should also use a good hair conditioner, wig spray and hair de-tangler to prevent your hair from becoming matted and tangled. This can cause breakage.

Here are some product solutions that I recommend.

For human hair drying, carefully remove the hair from the block. Then, blot it with an absorbent towel. As this can encourage hair fall, don’t ring the hair. It is possible to soak up water in the wig with a non-stick towel. I recommend that the human hair be placed on a either a standing wig stand or a heads wig.

It’s a good idea for the piece to dry partially, so that it’s not completely damp before blow-drying it. You can also protect your hair by spraying a protective thermal spray on it before applying heat to it


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