How to Look Young in Your Later Years

There are no shortcuts to looking young, but there are a few proven interventions that can help you look youthful. Read on for a list of tips that will help you make a big fashion statement in your later years.

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Brighter Colors

Bright colors are nothing new, but they’ve become a bit of a fad with designers and fashionistas alike. Whether it’s a splash of red or a dollop of blue, they are the perfect way to make a statement without saying too much.

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Casual Shoes

There are so many options when it comes to men’s casual shoes, from blue suede moccasins and leather sneakers to black penny loafers. It’s all about styling them correctly to give the right impression.

Chukka boots can be paired with a blazer and slim-fit dark jeans for a ‘date night’ look, while a pair of green chinos and white tee says ‘weekend road trip’. Driving shoes were originally designed for sports cars but can be a fun choice for the everyday man.

Another style that can work across different formalities is the classic Oxford brogue. Cole Haan has a classic leather and rubber shoe that’s well proportioned for the modern gentleman. It’s a great option for business casual settings.

Floral Prints

Floral prints have a long, rich history in fashion. Initially originating in Asia, floral motifs began to spread across Europe with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and mass-produced silks.

In the 19th century, European fashionistas could now wear ornate silks printed with exotic flowers like peonies and lilies. These fabrics were once expensive and only the wealthy could afford them.

Then came the Industrial Revolution, which helped to make these floral motifs more accessible to women who were no longer limited by their wealth for verso clean being. These complex motifs were now able to be reproduced at an affordable price and the popularity of florals grew worldwide.

Floral prints are an essential part of any spring wardrobe. They look stunning when paired with other patterns and can instantly elevate any outfit. However, it is important to keep the scale of the print in check so it doesn’t look too feminine or over the top.


Neutrals are one of the most universal and versatile color palettes. They can be used with just about any other color, and they’re easy to change or add to as trends come and go.

They also reflect light, allowing rooms to appear larger and more airy. This makes them an excellent choice for home staging.

According to home stager Barb Schwarz, neutral paint colors allow prospective buyers to visualize their own furniture in a space. This is especially helpful if you are selling your house.

The most popular neutrals are gray, brown and black. These are often used as a base color in interior design, and can be altered using secondary or complementary colors.

White is another neutral color that symbolizes purity, cleanliness, peace and new beginnings. It is also considered subtle, elegant and classic.

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