How to Select an SEO Agency

If you are trying to locate an SEO agency, it’s extremely difficult to create the criteria for selection, particularly in case you don’t know the SEO procedure. Nearly every SEO customer would expect a reputable SEO agency to be at the top positions on top search results on all of their relevant key words. While this may seem rational, it isn’t necessarily reflecting on the other agencies that do not. There are thousands of SEO firms in existence and, with a small amount of spots in the search results it’s difficult for all companies to prove their worth by appearing in the very first place. It’s only when you begin to analyze the top performing SEO agencies that you begin to get a better idea of why they’re in the first place and the reasons why you shouldn’t use these companies. There are a myriad of tests you can conduct on SEO companies, however I strongly recommend anyone to conduct the following checks, and then any additional examinations you believe are appropriate.

Look up their company’s name

The search engine for their company’s name will automatically lead to their directories, article submissions and social media pages, but when the business is large, it will have some kind of feedback. It is likely that if you’ve had a positive or negative encounter with an SEO company, they’d have posted about it on a webmaster’s forum or blog. It is important to not look at these reviews on a blind worth because some untrue SEO firms offer their services through this method on forums. If it’s a forum check their number of posts as well as their join date, and the response from other forum members SEO agency Adelaide.

Check out their portfolio

If you believe that an SEO agency is successful in their work, there’s a never-ending amount of testimonials. Don’t be afraid to inquire with the company for past instances of the work they’ve done. If you find that an SEO firm advertises for a huge number of clients, but only has a few of their testimonials, ask why , or better yet contact the owners of the websites. Webmasters are more likely to let you know the things that haven’t performed as opposed to the things that are doing well.

Look for the back hyperlinks

A significant portion of online marketing relies on back linking. There are a myriad of free tools that can check the back links to a specific website. The quality of the sites that link directly to the SEO Company will reflect upon the ethics that they work to. If you notice an SEO agency to have a large number of back links to websites that you consider to be being spam, it’s highly likely that this is their method they employ to market your site, which is in violation of all the major guidelines for search engines.

It is crucial to understand the way an SEO company works on your site, especially if at some point you think you’re being sucked into technical jargon, or you believe that the company isn’t honest enough, it is highly likely that the company is not honest or working in SEO terms, using Black Hat SEO. If you find yourself in the middle of the use of Black Hat SEO I strongly suggest you to quit this SEO firm.




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