How to sew a Sock Monkey with NO SOCKS!!!

Pull them over your pants to fling an out-of-the-world and chic look enhanced by a contrasting check buttoned shirt. Coordinating your socks with your someone special can be really thrilling. Keep a pair of same crew socks for yourself and your partner on vacations or holidays, wearing them with your easy simple clothes to highlight the power couple goals. If you leave clothes too long in the washer, mildew can grow.

How To Choose The Right Dress Socks

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sandals that look great with socks—really

Don’t ignore it; make sure to wash your pocket square appropriately. This is a comical tip that applies to many other garments as well; keep your clothes clean, or risk looking unprofessional and disheveled. Known for the best Oxford shirts for men and classic chinos, the All-American brand can also give you a classic pair of dress socks.

If you have bigger calves, make sure that the sock is either made from a type of material that will stretch easily or slightly bigger than other socks you own. If none of the patterns above satisfies your need for eccentricity, then look into patterns that aren’t so normalized. Pizza patterns, french fries, coconuts, palm trees – you name it! Save these fun patterns for a more casual event and leave the more “sophisticated” patterns for formal events.

These socks are best for work, semi-formal occasions, and casual wear. If you want to add patterns to your dress socks, starting with stripes is probably your best bet. Easy to incorporate and not overpowering, stripes add flair to an otherwise monotoned look. While not as durable as cotton or wool, silk is definitely a heavenly material to have on your feet. With its cooling nature, silk socks will keep your feet feeling breezy in your shoes. It is commonly mixed with wool and cashmere for this precise reason.

Step 1: Cutting the DIY socks

Go with a cocktail dress if you want to dress up your socks. While knee-high socks aren’t appropriate for all formal occasions, give them a dressy touch by wearing them with a stylish cocktail dress. Choose a neutral color for a subtle style, or go for a rich, saturated shade for an elegant look. Knee-high socks are a great way to jazz up an outfit and give your look a stylish edge. Use them to add a retro flair or create a stylish, layered look.

Be sure not to cut into your stitches, as you don’t want a hole in the tentacles! You should have eight floppy tentacles and an even floppier head, but now it’s time to flip and stuff. Flip your sock so that it’s now right-side-out, and use your chopstick or dowel to poke the tentacles into place. Home made socks are the best gift to make for family members and friends. You can personalize them, use holiday colors and themed fabrics, the possibilities are endless. While slightly longer than the crew cut sock, a mid-calf sock is exactly what it sounds like — mid-calf length. The best type of sock to wear if you have larger calves, this length is more versatile than its longer cousin, the over-the-calf.

This may add too much interest and make your outfit look busy. Instead, keep it simple with a neutral pair in a solid color. Tuck your printed shirt in your rough shorts to flaunt your printed socks.

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