How to Trim Eyebrows in 6 Steps

Those choosing a pencilwill find that they’re great for filling in sparse spots. Work their magic by lightly holding the pencil and drawing hair strokes in the sparse areas. You can also use a stiff angled brush or an eyebrow brush here to soften the lines as needed. Before filling in your brows, use a brow brush or spoolie to brush your brows upwards. Although primarily used as a mascara applicator, a spoolie brush can work here too. Its spiraled bristles can shape brows and blend in eyebrow filler. After you fill in your brows, you can brush them upward again to blend in the color and shape any unruly hairs.

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Remember that each person is different, and if you feel concerned about your brow loss, it’s best to visit a medical professional. Caffeine, peptides, castor oil, hyaluronic acid, and keratin can help encourage better hair growth when applied as a brow serum. For the best results, look for these ingredients in a pre-formulated eyebrow serum. You don’t need to perfect your brows and make them identical; that hardly ever happens!. What’s more, you probably would never notice a slightly uneven arch or minorly patchy tail if it weren’t for the beauty standards created by society today. Read more about bikini here. “Comb your brows up vertically to see where the longest hairs are. Trim one hair at a time on a downward angle to ensure precision,” Healy instructs. To keep the look natural, avoid a heavy hand when filling in the center of your brows.

Whichever product you choose in your wax kit for your post-wax bundle, apply it on a clean cotton swab all over the areas you have waxed to cleanse and soothe the area. Remember, only pluck one hair at a time and assess the shape and evenness of your brow in comparison to the other side after almost every pluck to keep things matching well. Lastly, to find your arch, keep the applicator in the same starting point of your nostril and position it right through the middle of your iris when looking straight ahead. Where the applicator hits the brow, this is your arch. Using the same landmark at the middle of your nostril, move the wooden applicator underneath the corner of your eye to the end of your brow. We’re following a guide called “The Golden Ratio,” which essentially provides help in shaping brows according to your own facial landmarks.

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Brows bring balance and proportion to your face and eyes, so you must use a mirror that allows you to see your entire face, not just your eyebrows. How do you achieve that perfect shape that lifts the face and enhances the eyes? If you have dark hair, pick a color that is a shade or two lighter than the natural color of your brows. On the other hand, if you have light hair and are deepening your brows, you can opt for a tone that’s a half to one shade darker. If you want an edgy punk type look you can use liner to outline your eyebrows then color it in darkly. If you do that you may appear to have no eyebrows and you just colored it in.

Maybe the only thing you need for great brows is a basic pencil, like the YSL Beauty Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil. Don’t worry — there’s an attached spiral brush for the days when your brows aren’t behaving the way you want them to. To find out where your brow should begin , align the flat edge of a straight makeup brush to the outside of your nose/inner corner of your eye. Jessica (she/her) is a deputy editor at the Good Housekeeping Institute and a longtime product tester, reviewer, writer and editor of beauty and lifestyle content. You can usually find her sorting through piles of beauty products — and testing the best ones on camera. Above all, McQuarrie encourages people to play with their brow shape to see how it impacts their look.

Many of our customers are able to wear the eyebrows for at least two consecutive days without them having to be reapplied. Our customers report an average of 3-4 months of wear from one pair of eyebrows, with proper care. Most people start to experience thinning hair in their 40s, eyebrows included. However, some people never experience brow hair loss, and others may see it earlier than expected.

Eye shadow can also help keep your eyebrows looking more natural and less edgy, however. Carefully apply the wax strip over your eye and leave it for at least 30 seconds to let it set.

Bailey relies on Benefit’s brow mapping technique, which pinpoints those key areas using your nose as the point of origin. “This is how you customize your brow shape for your face and create balance and symmetry,” he says. Start by resting a thin pencil vertically against your nose—where it touches your brow is the head.

For our humble self-waxing beginners, Starpil has got your back! We have conveniently designed waxing kits just for you. They contain an assortment of items to fulfill your eyebrow waxing needs – no matter what they may be. Sometimes, there’s something to be said for keeping it classic.

“I swirled around with a spoolie to form a paste,” she says. According to Soare, your eyebrows should end where the nostril’s corner connects with the eye’s outer corner. “Tails that don’t hit this endpoint can look nonexistent and highlight wide-set eyes,” she says. “An open-ended tail can add more space to the parameter of the face, making it look wider.” To do my eyebrows, I do a little bit of pencil, but I prefer a fat pencil because I think the thin ones can look harsh.

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