How to Visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve: Guide & Tips

I would guess that most people spend about minutes exploring Muyil. You could opt out of the canal float if you needed to care for your little ones, but I’d strongly recommend trying to do the canal float as it tends to be a favorite experience of this trip.

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After a cold shower and welcome drinks, we met Valera, our guide. He took us on a night walk where we saw glowing mushrooms and experienced the magic of the jungle at night. The jungle trek is more physically demanding than the pampas tour, so be sure to have good footwear and proper hiking clothing. The riverside camp is in a peaceful setting among the trees, with plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities (I had monkeys peering into my room!). The accommodations are shared wooden huts on stilts, and you’ll wake up to the raucous sounds of howler monkeys. A generator provides power until 10pm so you can enjoy cold beers while lounging in a hammock and watching the sunset over the river.

Well, if you are a cycling enthusiast, I would recommend you to opt for this tour. Also, it is a long stretch, so I recommend using an electric cycle. The Cycle Tour starts from the Parking lot for the Statue of Unity. You have to Book the Activity online in advance. There are several interesting scenic points to explore during the tour. There are several options given to book Online Tickets.

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If the tours of coastal Sian Ka’an are not within your budget or time constraints, need not worry. You can still reach the fresh-water inland environments of Sian Ka’an on your own via Muyil, as described below. Since you won’t arrive until the evening and there’s no return transport on the same day, you’ll need to stay overnight in Punta Allen. And since return transportation is in the morning, you’ll need to stay in Punta Allen for at least two nights to actually experience this area of Sian Ka’an during the day. The Mayan Arch is where the rough road begins, but it gets progressively worse a few kilometers south. So don’t let the first few kilometers toward Punta Allen give you a false sense of confidence.

But I would like to add another very interesting suggestion to everyone. We are long term travellers on a low budget and thought that 600pesos for this boat ride was a little pricey for what it is and the work and gasoline they put into it. But they also offer someother boat tour from the lagune. But then after the floating you could go to the next lagune and check for crocodiles, manatees and other wildlife.

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On journeys across the isthmus, I’ve shared a seat with a strident caged cockerel and been swept off the bus by the voluminous skirts of Guatemalan ladies eager to get to market. Presale information and tickets are available here. The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Capital One cardholder presale begins on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at 10 a.m.

If your guide doesn’t bring your shoes along in a dry bag, make sure you strap them on you or wear it on the float. We left the rest of our stuff on the boat and had no problems. Everything was as you related or as other commentators updated. We went through Muyil first (still $50P per person) and forgot to get a ticket to prove we paid but that wasn’t a problem on returning. The observation deck had a few people waiting and it’s five at a time so we opted to go up on our way back. It was still very worth the experience at 1000 pesos.

We flew with Amaszonas for $75 each way, but TAM might be a little cheaper. Obviously, the $10 bus ride will save you money, but it might not be worth it for your sanity!

You share them with the other travelers of the camp. Even if you walk slowly, there will be a guide behind you. Arrive the day before to get a good night’s sleep and be ready for your adventure the next day. During the trek, there are regular rest stops to wait for everyone.

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The perfect trip to train, culinary and culture lovers. Explore our small group trips to save up to $800 on guaranteed departures. Views expressed in the above piece are personal and solely that of the author. They do not necessarily reflectFirstpost’s views. Elephants from Rajaji Tiger Reserve use the Chilla-Motichur corridor regularly. Few years back a herd of jumbos from Uttarakhand took the same route, adopted by the mentioned tiger, to venture in forests of Himachal and Haryana. The final concert of the tour will be at New City in La Serena.

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