It’s made with an intention of targeting only one percent of the world population

What’s so special about RM011? it’s a very basic watch yet modest enough to hold a status of a most sought-after luxury watch despite its limited audience.

However, in short spam of time periods, it ascended to flagship status for the watchmakers that tout it as a “ racing machine for the wrist.” Richard Mille is a brand that represents the top level of luxury.

A lot of thoughts and technological advancements are involved in making the RM011. This is not a fly-by-night company and this watch isn’t a watch like Frank Mueller for example! That makes Richard Mille timepieces for the regular folks. RM has no intention of crafting timepieces for the common masses.

You’ll frequently see these watches on the wrists of Formula 1 drivers, tennis stars, Olympic athletes, and even A-list celebrities.

This RM011 is indeed the bang for one’s buck model from the brand so of course like every other popular watch right now the prices have wholly skyrocketed.

For a time period, Richard Mille right when it came out the gate faced a dip. But, ever since they dipped, they decided to clamp down on the production and availability. This strategy worked like magic for the brand and raised the demand and popularity. After all this, the prices have shot up dramatically and they have not seen a dip in the last four years.

RM 011 Filipe Massa

The fact it is only made for 1% of people around the world makes people about its worth. Although, it’s by far the most valuable luxury sports watch. It’s a question on most people’s tongues how a watch can be that much worth if it’s not even made with precious metals.

But then again, This watch is not for everyone, it’s made by keeping in mind the-the real money makers, the people that really really either like the watch or can really really afford it.

The name of the RM011 is suggestive that it’s an automatic flyback Chrono with loaded features that enables you to look at a distinct sporty watch. You wanna know what really makes it unique? It’s the 12-hour flyback Chrono being at the center that makes it pretty much a classic nowadays.

RM 011 Filipe Massa Bracelet

Your decision of choosing the RM011 can’t go wrong. It will be a perfect piece for your wrist and you’ll be more than satisfied to have a watch that’s a synonym for exclusivity.

The movement of this watch has a very big date and month indicator within a suitable case size this is ideal. The layout is the nicest one and the automatic movement making it a classic is conspicuously displayed so that the wearer and others can see it and know the real value behind a watch that never sleeps!!

From a stylistic perspective, the bracelet seemed to fit the look of RM011 Filipe Massa perfectly. The option available for this reference’s bracelet is on the expensive side though. However, it is designed meticulously and well constructed.

Premium quality bracelet made of pure titanium appears to be excellently polished and maintained. It is not just a fantastic-looking bracelet but the wearability is above and beyond. The deadly combination of case and bracelet sets the watch up.

In the bracelet, each of the titanium links is individually polished and maintained. The look and feel of the bracelet are comfortable and fantastic. The combination of the case and bracelet is deadly!!!

Richard Mille RM11 has a thick, tall, and wide case. The height of the case is measured-50mm, its thickness around 16.15mm, and its width is 40mm. This amalgamation helps the watch to give fluid-like performance and is seamlessly elegant in structure.

A watch that has elite features and components makes it no less than a revolutionary watch. Richard Mille is the master of showcasing individuality through his timepieces.

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