Keep Your Roof Clean All Year!

Cleaning your roof is essential to ensure that it looks its best. The most effective way to achieve this is to conduct preventive maintenance every two years. Through this type of examination, any issues can be discovered that can, if not addressed and treated promptly, force homeowners to pay more in the future. Certain roofs require less attention but, every structure need to be checked to make sure they’re free of any debris and the drainpipes are functioning. A regular cleaning schedule is the best method of keeping a roof in good shape and working Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia.

General Cleaning

No matter if the house is constructed with a flat or inclined roof, the dirt that have built up on the surface must be cleared. Leaves, sticks, and items should be cleared away, including behind the pitch pans and pipes as well as HVAC units. The accumulation in time could hinder water flow and lead to the asphalt roofing to deteriorate, particularly in the case of asphalt roofing. Clean the gutters and make sure that downspouts in good state.

To verify that the downspout is functioning properly it is essential to pour water into it. Cut branches that hang overhanging the tree and if the valley is getting rusty, use brush it with wire and then apply paint. If you have asphalt shingles, look at the sealant and caulking to determine if it’s damaged. Any cracks may be cleaned and caulking made of polyurethane re-applied.

Moss, Lichens, Mold and Algae

Mold, lichens and algae are typical issues for houses within areas of the Pacific Northwest. The organisms are thriving in high-humidity areas and cause damage to the roofing’s integrity because they hold moisture which will reduce the lifespan of the roof. Be aware of these water-harboring organisms since they may damage not just the exterior appearance but as well the roofing structure.

Extreme cleaning techniques are avoided as they may cause damage to the roofing materials. Lichs or mosses can be gently removed in order to lessen the damage to roofing shingles. The low-pressure wash can also be used to get rid of any algae growth. The removal of moss is feasible with the aid of garden hoses to clean the particles. A solution of oxygen bleach is a green solution that can be applied to the surface of your top of the house to remove an algae problem. To avoid the future growth of lichens and moss algae and mold homeowners ought to think about installing zinc or copper strips. The strips release a chemical substance such as zinc carbonate or copper sulfate that works to stop the development of the algae. In addition, cut branches that shade the surface, as algae prefer areas with shade.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the house is essential to ensure proper maintenance. Be cautious when you use water to clean the roof, particularly in the removal of mosses and algae because this creates an unstable surface on which one could fall. Don’t forget to wear fall protection to protect yourself. It is also recommended that an expert contractor take care of cleaning the surface of the home. For a regular maintenance plan cleaning during inspections is a good way to detect problems before they happen. This will prolong the lifespan of the roof and also help to reduce costs. Regular maintenance is crucial and you must keep the roof in good condition throughout the through the year!


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