Laughter as Australian Shepherd Can’t ‘Figure Out How the Stairs Work’

This is a form of interaction that works well with Australian Shepherds that will go through extensive training. Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable.

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You should use the right kits for brushing and grooming your Aussie. With that said, what many Australian Shepherd owners may not know is the proper way to brush their furry friends.

The eyes of original Aussies.

Bathing will help free up some of the looser fur in the undercoat and make it easier to remove with a brush after bath time is over. Common allergies include peas, potatoes, and certain types of grain. If you recently changed your dog’s diet, this is something you should monitor. During the wintertime and during the summer, you’ll need to keep up with your Aussie’s grooming and invest in a quality deshedding tool, like the Furminator. This will help keep dead and loose fur away during these aggressive shedding periods.

We all want our canine companions to live happy and healthy lives, but sometimes it can be hard to know what we… For Instance, if you want to train your Australian Shepherd how to run thru a pet obstacle course, you will have to break down each step separately. First your dog will have to learn how to run up the ramp, then jump over the hurdles, go through tunnels and so on until it can do each part separately.

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While in general there is nothing wrong with having your dog try to move you from one area to another, it is if they are using their teeth to do it. If this method fails to work, try holding the palm of your hand out so that when the dog jumps up he will bump his nose against it. ”  Dogs have very sensitive noses and will not purposely risk many such bumps. But, if you own a mixed Aussie, you will receive a percentage value by considering their pureness.

Indoor Activities for your Australian Shepherd:

Toy and Mini Aussies make excellent house dogs with appropriate exercise. The background of the energy level of the dogs in the puppies pedigree will be a good clue as to the energy level your puppy will have. Be sure you discuss the energy level of the dogs the breeder has that you are purchasing your puppy from.

As very energetic, clever canines they need a diet formulated for larger working breeds. Carbohydrates should be way down the ingredients list in terms of proportions. They have enough energy to enjoy going for a run and chasing a ball around but have an “off” botton we call it. They are also happy lounging on the cough and entertaning them selves with kongs and chewy’s in their crate.

Australian Shepherds reach around 50% of their adult height at 3-4 months and 75% at 5-6 months. Their adult height is often established at around a year, but they will continue to gain weight until they are about 16 months. Pet News Daily uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles.

Some Australian Shepherds may not be good with other dogs and in some cases, they may even show aggression. With training and socialization, they can learn to interact well with other dogs. The daily walk is a great way to provide some of their exercise needs. The key to socialization for both a puppy and an older dog is baby steps and consistency. Don’t expose them to too much at once and avoid overwhelming them. In other words, if it’s less resistant, more of the drug can enter the body/brain of your dog, which can be harmful, so you can’t give them as much. Ivermectin is a very common “anti-parasitic” drug that is given to most dogs.

No matter where you live; your Aussie will be happiest to live with you. Australian Shepherds do not do well living a sedentary lifestyle. They thrive on mental stimulation and most will not be happy as a kennel dog.

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