Madela Breast Pump

Although there are many breast pumps being sold on the market today, you can narrow the top selling and most reputable ones down to a few dozen. Now once you’ve done that, your work is only really beginning. Choosing momcozy between the best breast pumps can be very difficult because without consistently using them, you really don’t know what you are going to get. Below is a list of five factors to consider when reviewing the best breast pumps out there.

1) Your easiest decision will probably be deciding between a manual breast pump or an electric one. Your budget will probably dictate your decision here. Manuals are less expensive than electrics but of course, lack certain features. The biggest difference between the two is that a manual requires you to create the suction by squeezing over and over while an electric utilizes a motor to do the work for you.

2) Do you plan on traveling while breast feeding your child? If so, and if you plan on traveling often, you should only purchase a pump that is designed to be mobile. Your pump should be compact and light, should come with a carrying case, and should be able to store the milk for extended periods of time without refrigeration.

3) How many times a week will you be pumping? Breast pumps are being designed so specifically these days that certain pumps are made for every day use while others are meant to be used sporatically. There are even pumps that are only meant to help with engorgement. Read the manufacturers specifications to find out what each pump suggests as far as usage is concerned.

4) Power sources. Will you be requiring several power source options? Some can run off batteries, electricity and car battery power. Is this necessary for you? If not, you may want to pass on these pumps since this feature usually results in extra cost.

5) The biggest factor to consider is whether or not the breast pump is getting positive reviews from moms who own it. Read as many reviews as possible.



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