MS Excel Tutorial – How To Use The Concatenation Function In Excel

The dictionary definition of concatenation is the joining of two person strings collectively. For example the phrases “excessive” and “chair” may be joined or concatenated to create “highchair.” A very simple cause of a incredibly intimidating phrase. It is one of those functions that does precisely what you’ll anticipate. It concatenates strings collectively. Job achieved.

Once understood, Financial Software Tutorials it’s far one in every of Excel maximum fabulous capabilities. It is a text method, normally human beings partner Excel with arithmetic functions, however it does have text ones too. This is one among them.

So again to concatenation. Be mindful that this feature will indeed join what you tell it. So if you have 19 in one cellular and seventy two inside the different the result of the formula would be “1972”.

Up to 255 text entries may be brought to the characteristic, and every entry should be separated with the aid of a comma.

The syntax of the formulation is

=CONCATENATE(Text1 Text2,…. Text255)

Let’s work via an instance. Suppose that you have first name in one column of cells (A) in and a ultimate name in another column of cells (B) on your workbook.

Name the primary cellular in column C as Customer_Name- column C will maintain the consequences of the concatenation of your two separate call columns.

Click the Formulas Tab
Choose Text Functions shape the Ribbon to open the drop down menu
Click on Concatenate in the listing to deliver up the features conversation field
On the Line text1 select cell A2
On the Line text2 select cell B2
Hit Ok
The components in C2 will seem like this


Your two names should now be joined in the one text string. That’s all well and exact but what if you want a area in among the strings you want to sign up for, as in this situation?.

If you need a clean space between your textual content strings then you definately want to use one of the text strings with ” ” in them. So, the characteristic to go into a clean space between first name and last call in our example might seem like this


So, all you want to do is lookup to the CONCATENATE characteristic in the feature tab and follow the on display screen preparation to sign up for as many text strings collectively as you need to as much as 255. As we have visible in case you need to feature a space among any of your text strings they want to have their very own textual content line so they will soak up a number of your available 255 strings.

Get over its intimidating call and this characteristic is a exquisite one to have for your Excel bag of tricks.

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