My Favorite Things From 2015: Beauty Edition

People spend a lot of money on their appearance. The right beauty tools on hand can make your look really spectacular. Both women and men have the clothes, accessories, make-up and hair products, and they don’t regret of the tools that make using those elements easier and more effective.

You need the right beauty tools for a derma roller really professional-looking make-up. Forget about little freebie brushes and sponges that sometimes come with your make-up. Having a small collection of essential beauty tools will help you to get a great look and to save a pretty sum of money. The price of a good set of professional tools will be a couple hundred dollars.

Brushes. Brushes are among the key tools used by make-up application professionals. If you want to get the best results of make-up, don’t use one and the same brush for all the places on your face. It’s necessary to choose the correct brushes according to your aim.

Foundation – when applying either cream or liquid foundation use a foundation brush to get a great natural finish. First, put a small spot of foundation on the back of your palm and then dip the foundation brush into that and apply the foundation with downward lines spreading out near the jaw and hairline. It’s advisable to use synthetic-bristled brushes, which are less absorbent.

Imperfections and blemishes – use a small-tipped brush for applying the right amount of concealer to cover imperfections of your skin very naturally.

Cheeks – for applying powder blush use a large brush with a dome-shaped head. One brush is good either for blush of bronzer or for a light-as-air coat of translucent face powder for a sheer effect. Professionals advise sable hair.

Eyes – apply cream or powder eye shadows with a sable brush. A dense, angled brush will make the color more vivid. For the top and bottom of your eyelids use supremely fine bristles

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