Proverbs 15 – A Patient Tongue Is a Tree of Life

Looks like the Tree of Life has more to offer than what we already know. Apart from its more common use in culinary, aesthetic, environment, shelter and livelihood, seems like the coconut tree extends its tree of life meaning usefulness much further by giving people countless health benefits people never really expected it is capable of. The miraculous wonders of its new derivative, the Virgin Coconut Oil, now happens to be the craze of the health-conscious and of those trying to lose weight, is now quickly dominating the health and wellness market. Though the practicality coconut offers have been recognized even from history, and probably every part of the tree has numerous applications, many still find the newer possibilities it offers incredibly amazing and the tree earned itself even greater respect and value than it already holds.

The list of applications, products and byproducts derived from its every part is limitless. From its trunk providing shelter to many as well as utilized for furniture and foot bridges, its leaves used for producing quality paper, baskets, decorative items and even as roofing thatches, and its coir made into the strongest ropes and prettiest mats, its shell is also a good fuel source. The tree is definitely living up to its name as no part of it goes to waste. It white meat is not only edible, but is even very tasty and is a major ingredient in some of the world’s best meals and desserts. When dried, the oil extracted from its meat serves many purposes. The tree’s roots are known for its medicinal benefits even from the olden times. On the cosmetic aspect, it is a major ingredient in aromatic concoctions, soaps and other beauty products. In kitchens, it is popularly used for frying as it is relatively cheaper than other cooking oils sold in the market.

Now more popularly associated with coconut, the aromatic and light-tasting Virgin Coconut Oil is widely recognized for its optimum healing properties. The medium chain fatty acids it contain is found to effectively fight STD-causing bacteria and certain strains of HIV. Such acid, also called as lauric acid, amazingly inactivates disease-causing viruses and bacteria responsible for measles, herpes simplex, influenza, E.coli, salmonella and even organisms causing fungal and yeast infections. Its qualities is very similar to that of a mother’s milk and is proven to strengthen one’s immune system. The Virgin Coconut Oil is achieved by cold-pressing freshly-harvested mature coconut meat and naturally processed to retain the natural antioxidant it contains. Such manual process is quite laborious compared to producing kitchen coconut oil where aged meat is left out to dry in the sun for days and processed in oil mills using high temperature.


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