The Importance of Good Communication in a Relationship

You realize that you are in a mess. Your relationship has gone to pot and you think you know the reason. Poor communication. You and your partner haven’t been talking and sharing with each other like you used to. No matter what you think the problem may be, it usually boils down to the main issue that one or both of you refuse to discuss whatever is causing the problem.

Lack of communication is First Big Fight in a Relationship probably what caused your first fight, and will probably be what causes your last fight.

Perhaps you are debating the best way to solve things. Maybe you are thinking of going to a workshop, therapist, counselor, or even doing a relationship question and answer quiz together. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are both being honest and sharing your feelings with each other.

Well, I’ve tried to talk to him\her, but we just end up fighting and screaming at each other and we accomplish nothing. That is the purpose of the many measures listed above. The goal of a counselor or other person is to keep things from melting down to a screaming match.

You may think that the therapist has done nothing but sit there listening to you two talk, but they may have done more than you realize. They have kept things from turning into a verbal war.

It is helpful to have a therapist or counselor who will give sound advice, but the best thing they could possibly do for you as a couple is to get you talking to each other again. If you can begin communication again, your relationship will likely last, and will not end in divorce court.

The difficulties you are having may stem from a number of problems. Arguments about money, sex, infidelity, the list could go on for pages and pages. The key to resolving these conflicts is to talk them through.

If you refuse to communicate with each other, your relationship is destined for failure. If you want your relationship to last a life time, you have to start talking to each other and keep on talking.

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