The Meaning of Moles on the Body

Throughout history and across many cultures, moles have held a special significance. To some, these little spots on the skin offer a unique insight into one’s personality, karma, and even destiny. Let’s dive into the mystical world of moles and explore what astrologers and Saamudrik Shastra say about them.

Moles: Windows to Our Personality

As per ancient traditions and the study of Saamudrik Shastra, an aspect of astrology that covers moles, these small blemishes are believed to be a reflection of our personality. They suggest that our past karma and actions influence the appearance and position of these moles.

The human body is a canvas, and moles, in different shapes, sizes, and colours, appear on it due to planetary moments during the fetal stage. In simple terms, the position of a planet when you were in the womb determines where and what kind of mole you’d have. If the influencing planet is masculine, it will imbue certain characteristics, while a feminine influencing planet will introduce other traits.

Shapes, Sizes, and Colours: Decoding the Moles

  • Small Moles: These typically don’t have much effect on one’s life.
  • Round and Big: Such moles are considered highly auspicious.
  • Long: Seen as auspicious.
  • Triangle: Yields mixed results.
  • Zigzag: Usually signifies bad results.
  • Round: It reflects goodness in its bearer.
  • Square: This mole’s effects can be unpredictable till the end.
  • Light Colour (especially in red): Indicative of positive aspects.
  • Black: Considered inauspicious and may indicate several obstacles in life.

The good and bad ones are determined not just by their shape but also where they are located.

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Moles on the Forehead:

A mole on the forehead can mean that the person is wise and calm. Such individuals are often laborious and tend to acquire more wealth. However, they also might face chances of loss, even as they enjoy sudden monetary gains.

Moles on the Eyebrows:

Individuals with moles on their eyebrows often have leadership qualities. They have high chances of acquiring fame and financial prosperity. These moles can also be a sign of romance. Yet, such individuals might often rely on others.

Moles on the Eyes:

Having a mole around the eyes might suggest that the person is prone to entertaining an arrogant behaviour. However, on the flip side, such a person is honest and hardworking.

Moles on the Nose:

A person with a mole on their nose can be very impulsive in nature. They may amass wealth with minimal struggle. While sometimes termed inauspicious, it can also be a sign of sensuality and attract love from the opposite gender.

Moles on the Cheek:

People with moles on their cheeks might have a dominating nature. They tend to make better decisions but can also show signs of a short temper.

Moles on the Ears:

Such individuals may live a luxurious lifestyle and can be very intellectual.

Moles on the Lips:

A person with a mole on their lips has a great taste in food and drama. However, they might be prone to health and obesity issues.

Moles on the Tongue:

This suggests health and speech-related problems, obstacles in education, but also indicates that the person is a great foodie.

Moles on the Chin:

Such people like to travel. They are logical, very honest, and loyal.

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Moles on the Neck:

The mole’s bearer might be lucky but can also be aggressive in nature.

Moles on the Shoulder:

People with moles here can be stubborn but are also courageous and make wise choices.

Moles on the Arm:

Such individuals are well-mannered, of good nature, highly smart, intelligent, and desire a luxurious life.

Moles on the Elbow:

It’s a sign of restlessness but also suggests that the person is good with art and might be wealthy.

Moles on the Wrist:

These people are highly creative and are perfect for jobs like writing, advertising, and painting.

Moles on the Palm:

While they might face obstacles in life, they learn a lot from these challenges and grow stronger.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the meaning of moles on the body can be fascinating. Remember, while these interpretations have been around for ages, it’s always fun to read about them and take it with a pinch of salt. After all, your destiny and personality are shaped by more than just moles. But who knows? Maybe there’s a hint of truth in what the ancient astrologers believed.


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