There are 4 areas for asphalt maintenance

Asphalt maintenance can be divided into four distinct areas. The most common cause of asphalt failure is water intrusion into the asphalt foundation. The asphalt base will become brittle with time. Over time, it will dry out and begin to wear away. Cracks will form that allow water to enter the pavement’s base. Water seeping through cracks causes the base material and pavement to settle. This causes cracks in the surface, creating a grid-like pattern.

Patch repair

It’s used for areas that are not easily accessible. The pavement can then be removed with a backhoe. They can also use an electric grinder. Once the Asphalt is removed, it can be replaced with fresh asphalt. The method of removal determines how much asphalt is removed. The asphalt should be removed to a depth equal to at least five times its original thickness. You might also need to replace base-rock to match adjacent areas. This will ensure that the base support is uniform. The area affected should be removed 12 inches more than the original.

Asphalt overlay

This asphalt maintenance allows for a new and more durable surface. The following are important factors to consider when working with asphalt overlay.

  • Overlay thickness-it should not exceed 2.5 inches. Minimum of one point five.
  • Smooth transitions-When you are looking at where to cut the existing pavement down, make sure that the overlay section is not cut to match the existing structure.This can weaken the overlays’ strength. They will make the payment flush with each other to stop this.

Pulverize and inlay in place

These areas of asphalt maintenance can both be accomplished with a milling device. Inlay is the process where the existing asphalt is removed to reveal the previous overlay. This will allow the contractors to return the asphalt elevation to pre-inlay. Pulverize – in-place will reduce all asphalt to size base-rock.

Seal coating

This is an important part in prolonging asphalt’s lifetime and should never be overlooked. Seal coating is composed of mineral fibers as well as emulsified and asphalt. The top layer of asphalt will be sealed to prevent water from entering the pavement. This will also protect the asphalt from sun exposure and oxidation. This is what gives asphalt an even black surface.


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